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New: The average 2011-12 salaries of male and female faculty at Pitt and each of the other 34 public AAU universities is now available for viewing and downloading as Excel and pdf files on our Pitt Salaries Vs AAU Peers Page.

On April 5, 2012, the University of Pittsburgh suspended admissions to its graduate programs in Classics, Religious Studies and German.  A Pitt AAUP investigation concluded that this was done without adequate consultation with the chairs of these departments, or review by the relevant Arts and Sciences and Planning and Budgeting committees, as mandated by the University's 1995 Guidelines for Review of Academic Planning Proposals.  Pitt AAUP sent its conclusions to the University Times (May 17, 2012) and to Provost Patricia Beeson in a letter dated May 10, 2012, which you may read by clicking this hyperlink: May 10 Letter to Provost Beeson.

These graduate program suspensions have not been lifted, nor is it clear that the 3 affected departments will survive, as discussed in a follow up Pitt AAUP letter to the University Times (December 6, 2011).  Faculty and students need to voice their support to Provost Beeson for re-instatement of the graduate programs in Classics, Religious Studies and German, or these and possibly other as yet unidentified graduate programs at Pitt will soon be history.  

 Executive Committee
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The purposes of this organization are:

  • To promote and protect higher education and its contribution to the common good, and to advance the standing and welfare of the profession and the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh.

  • To protect academic freedom and tenure, and to defend members of the faculty against institutional discrimination, as defined by the AAUP Statements on Academic Freedom and Tenure, on Discrimination, and on Professors and Political Activity.

  • To preserve and strengthen the role of the faculty in the University’s system of shared governance.

  • To promote the values, principles, and standards of the American Association of University Professors, articulated in AAUP Policy Documents and Reports (the “AAUP Redbook”) and on the AAUP web site:

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Beverly Gaddy

Associate Professor of Political Science, Greensburg campus
Philip K. Wion

Associate Professor of English, Emeritus, Oakland campus
  Oakland Campus Representative
Maria Kovacs

Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Oakland campus
  Regional Campus Representative
Richard P. Mulcahy

Associate Professor of Social Science-History, Titusville campus
  Immediate Past President
John J. Baker
Associate Professor of Oral Biology, Oakland campus
  Non-Tenure Stream Representative
Lecturer, English Department,    Oakland campus
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